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Pretty awesome CO route to hit tons of trails

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Hey guys,  so we ran this pretty great route and hit tons of trails. Let me know of it's useful for you.  We took about 10 days to it, but hit everything we wanted.  It's not very trailer friendly, so this is more geared towards rigs that are street and trail worthy.


1.  We started by hitting Holy Cross, one of my favorites.  Super hard trail up towards the top, but worth it.  French creek can be rough while the snow is melting.

2.  From there, we went south to Buena Vista and hit Chinalmans Gulch.  Great trail, worth doing, can be done with a rig on 35s, open open.  Carnage canyon is right next door to it and should only be attempted by buggies.

3.  We then drove down to lake city and hit Engineer pass.  Engineer is a super easy fire road type trail, but awesome views.

4.  While on engineer, we took the side route through poughkeepsie gulch.  Another great trail worth doing.

5.  Next, heading down the alpine loop into Ouray.  From Ouray, we hit Black bear, only passable for a small amount of time in late summer.  

6.  Black bear takes you into Telluride, and you can pick up Imogene pass there, and travel it back across the mountain to Ouray.

7.  From there, we ended up taking a small dirt road from gateway, CO into Moab.  Avoided most major highways during the trip and camped at trailheads along the way.  

Well worth doing, will be doing it again in the future. 

Let me know what you think or of you have different trails to add on that would be cool.


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you need to use google maps and show that route...

I am headed there in a month with girlfriend and kids


we will be starting in Telluride and then moving toward engineer pass I dont want her on Holy Cross I have been there..lol


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