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Matt Spielvogle Custom Painted Jeep Grills

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Ok He is an artist and I am a visionary and dreamer...

He saw things I do to my jeep and asked me what I thought about a grill he custom painted for his own jeep...

I liked it and encouraged him to do more and start painting and selling them to the people in jeep groups and in the community...

A yr later he is wide open built his own website and is all over the place... Yea I got no money...lol

Seriously though here are a few he has done he also did one for a winner here at American Jeeper...

So hats off to Matt for having a talent and taking a friends advice... 😎 Im taking some credit for that second part...

Here are some links to reach him if your also interested in getting a custom painted or themed Grill for your ride...

The first one is his front grill ...

Here is his FB page... https://www.facebook.com/matt.spielvogle

and here is his web address...www.spielzgrillz.com



The first one given away  from American Jeeper was this one...


Here are a few more he has done but I also encourage you to check out his website...



His Old jeep Grill Below....before he got famous and his head swelled...lol


He has only gotten better at it...





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You man do some awesome work. I know that in hand said this more than once but I just don't know what else to say. As soon as my wife decides on what she is going to do I am going to get you a grill to paint for her JKU.

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