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Need another jeep section

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Mark we need a Willyscsection and Full size section in the forums please. Oh and can we add MJ to the XJ section. Also maybe an other section for those that have jeeps like the renegade, liberty, compass. Etc. Thanks!


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MJ ares comanches, willys include military jeeps like the MB'S and willys jeepster and willys wagons and willys trucks. No CJs aren't wranglers, they are the daddy of the wrangler. Plus, there are the full size jeeps, FSJ's, that include wagoneer, commandos, and full size trucks like the gladiators(j2000 and j4000) and J10's and J20's plus the FC, forward control, series trucks and vans. The military kaiser M715 Jeep could also be thrown in to that as well.

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Cherokees cover a wider range than XJ WJ and so on...

A willy is a form of CJ just the military version I could add a willys section but they would be wranglers in effect.

The idea was to condense the site since I had people who claimed it took up way to much space...

Cjs and JKs JLs are all wranglers...

I think what we have works for now...

I also have a section for builds where Willys could be posted and any mods not vehicle specific also...


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