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Hello I entered a sweepstakes that OFF ROAD RIM FINANCING had in November 2018 and the rules to entered were to upload an off road video and the one with the most likes and comments would win 4 - 20 inch Pure Grits rims. I entered two videos but really push one and I got 71 like and 3K views and plenty of comments. So the last day of the contest came and I was the one with the most likes. I waited about 3 days to see if OFF ROAD RIM FINANCING would announce the winner to the sweepstakes. They didn't so I decided to call to see if they knew who the winner was. I spoke to a sales person and he asked me what kind of vehicle was my video of. So i told him it was a 2013 Jeep Wrangler (black),  So he starts by telling me that the rims are not going to fit the Jeep and I said the details of your sweepstakes didn't state that I had to post a video of the vehicle the rims were for.... So he put me on hold and came back and agreed that I had won and he want to verify information with me and asked for my email so that I can answer some questions so that they can ship the rims to me. I confirmed my email and answered the questions they required which was Full name, Address, Phone number. After two weeks I got the tracking numbers for the shipment. The day the rims were going to be delivered I was home and watch one of the rims fly off the UPS truck and bounce a couple of time. So I decided to open all the rims and sure enough 3 of the the 4 rims were damaged. I Immediately called Off Road Rim Financing and told them what had happened and was told I should open up a claim with UPS and that I shouldn't accept the damaged rims and I should send them back. So when I called UPS they said that they couldn't take the rims back that day because they had to open tickets for them and that they would return the next day to pick them up. UPS advise me that they would get back to the shipper when claim was complete because it was the shipper's account. I waited about a week and called OFF ROAD RIM FINANCING and spoke to Nate and he told me that the claim was DENIED because UPS was saying that they didn't have enough packaging on the rims. So Nate assured me that they did and that he was going to send UPS the specks of their packaging and that it was enough. So on December 23 I called and spoke to Nate again and he told me that he should hear back from UPS on December 24 because that was their deadline to answer on this claim and that as soon as they got back to him that he would forward their decision to my email and follow up with a phone call. I never hear from him until I called him on December 26 and they told me he was out sick. So I left him a message and asked him to call me back because I wanted to know if he had received word from UPS. Shortly after I hung up he sent me a email telling me UPS had denied the claim and there was nothing they can do. So I asked if he can send me proof of this denial like he said he would. So he tells me that he didn't  get anything by email that it was verbally. That all I can do at the point was receive the damaged rims back but I had to pay for shipping if I wanted them back because I wasn't told to send them back to them, when clearly I was told to do so by them. So Nate told me that they would pay for shipping if I would just end all of this on December 27th and I told him I would but I need to see a copy of that denial. He told me that he didn't have a copy and that I would have to call UPS in order to get it. I called UPS and they told me that they couldn't give me that information because they can only communicate with the shipper because they were the account holder. So now they are back to saying that I need to pay for the shipping of the damaged rims if I want them back. And through this entire process I was reminded over and over how I didn't pay for them. I asked so what would have happened if I payed for the rims and he said the same thing would happen. Nate's response was that it would be the same thing if UPS denies the claim. So my question is why does the customer have to be left without if the shipper didn't put enough packaging and UPS just don't care. So I am just sharing my story so that your very careful where you spend your money. This company don't value their customers! Also if you check out there page their is not one bad comment because they erased the comment and block the person who puts a bad comment or review.  If they did they would make things right. If a company is going to have a sweepstakes they shouldn't make the winner feel like crap. OFF ROAD RIM FINANCING!!!

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