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Site Point System Explained

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I have made REVISIONS to the point system after the first contest to be accurate and fair to everyone involved.

You may also noticed I have disabled the leader board so You will not be able to judge how close or far away you are from the next person in the contest...

When I announce the winners you will see your points and know the report is accurate I will show them to the entire group.


You can still see YOUR points

Totals were RESET to 0 on Mar the 1st prior to the start of the lights of March Contest...

This stops a flurry of racing and rushing trying to beat the next closest person by a single post ...

Take part all month put up valuable post and earn points all month long.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy...

Someone will win the Lights and or Cash...March 31st at 9 EST will be the offical end of this contest so we all are not up all night again...

Best of luck to one and all...

American Jeeper

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Mark, I will say this isnt very blonde effective. But somehow I think I have points. So can you clarify what I am doing right so I know what to keep doing lol. I do however prove looking at what I do see

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Points Per Topic Points Per Reply Points For Topic Starter Per Reply


That is what points are applied for shown above the actual banner from the set up page I made everyone worth a point...


The more replies you generate results in site activity and the poster and the reply person gain a point this makes it interesting since you could earn points you have no idea about, just like someone else can...lol...

I like my site Just need to keep growing it... slow there...

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I like that you can just get pints and not know. Its like wow I got that many, woohoo.  Mark your doing a great job and are very much appreciated. Screenshot_20190428-215447_Google.thumb.jpg.bbf4a187c9e9298615b4faa001c1056d.jpg

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