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  1. That would cone in handy Here comes summertime
  2. LynnW

    Thank you for my prize!!

    Look what came in the mail. Thank you for the contest and the chance to win items on this jeep site. Here is a picture of the rope I won. Thank you!! Can’t wait to get a winch.
  3. LynnW

    Georgia Here

    Thank you Im still figuring out how to reply. Just when I think I’m good at all the online stuff. Thank you. Sorry for the late reply. We are still learning the trails. The ones we’ve been on have been great. We gotta upgrade our jeep to really enjoy it like we want. Stock sucks, but we’re working on it. Sorry for the late reply. Figuring this site out 😜
  4. LynnW

    Jku clutch repair

    Thanks for putting in right section.
  5. LynnW

    Clutch gone

    Our clutch is gone. Has anyone had to replace their clutch, yet? What parts did you use (Dodge) and what was the estimated cost for that?? We are looking at about 1600 total?? Any thoughts! we are looking at 800 in parts alone around the Cartersville, Ga area. We have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. This is our first clutch we’ve had to buy/repair so just looking for opinions.
  6. I am not currently on Facebook so delete if this is not acceptable. I’m on the website being active but Facebook is NOT active. Thank you. We will be upgrading our jeep as soon as we are able. Loving this site N the stuff you give away.
  7. Needing to get some upgrades ready to go from stock to a big kid
  8. Winner winner winner I wannnna win something 😁
  9. LynnW

    Win Fairlead Here...

    We need to win so we can start upgrading our stock jeep so we can play with the big jeeps😆😆
  10. I need to win so I can upgrade our stock jeep.
  11. I’m Lynn, My spouse is Jason. Just looking around and checking things out. Hopefully it’s easy to navigate here.