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  1. War-shiper

    GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service)

    Thanks @Prerunner1982 for the info!
  2. War-shiper

    YJ swap on a CJ

    Here's a link for a YJ tub swap on your CJ7: http://www.inajeep.com/yjbodyswap/ Great write-up for the rusted out CJ tub replacement. If you do the swap make sure to grab a galvanized YJ tub.
  3. War-shiper

    Added the Molle Bags to the backs of my seats...

    We went to the dealership to check out the new gladiator last. While we were there we also checked out the Rubi wrangler and I noticed these seats. It's such a great idea for Jeep to echo the wishes of their consumers and add little things like this. Jeep has always been the swiss army knife of the vehicles of the world but with the new wrangler I think they've made themselves more of like the leatherman. The bags look great! How's the leg room in the back?
  4. Looks great! I think it's time to get me a jeep card. Who wouldn't enjoy those kind of perks? Thanks for sharing this.
  5. @rednecktim he's one of my Stillwater peeps! These pics don't do his work justice! It's a great build and his brother is a Jeeper as well with an equally awesome Jeep.
  6. War-shiper

    Tinker Toy

    Great rig for sure!
  7. War-shiper

    Let’s talk Grab Bars

    Grab bars for the win!
  8. War-shiper

    GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service)

    The BAOFENG works great like @rednecktim said. My first time to use them was at the Robbers cave Jeep invasion this past spring invasion. There is so much to do on them but don't let it intimidate you. It took maybe two minutes to get it set up and rolling with the others. Rugged Radios also make great handhelds as well and run a little more price wise than the Bao's. The deal with Rugged is if you are at any major jeep event where they are sponsoring or selling, they will do anything to help you understand how and the why of their products. I have a brand new CB in the box I have yet to install and I am really reluctant to do so now.
  9. War-shiper

    Big Bend National Park

    This is my old stomping grounds. If anybody has questions about the area and surrounding areas just message me. I can tell just about everything you need to know. I still have family around the area, too. The area is quite diversified in vegetation and terrain. If you go be prepared for mishaps. There is not much down there in the way of parts stores and shops. Bring plenty of water for you and your jeep just in case. It's a great experience for any Jeeper with lots of cool stuff to do and see. Read up on the history as well as the movie history of the area. There have been many great films made down there and also lots of artsy-farsty stuff in the surrounding towns.
  10. War-shiper

    Need another jeep section

    I agree!
  11. War-shiper

    Heater Blower Fan Upgrade for CJs

    Here's an easy upgrade for your heating system, it's a GM blower unit from a blazer that will blow your top off in the winter time and still keep you roasty. It has the same male electrical prong as the CJ but it the firewall will have to be opened up a little bit. Once installed the high setting on the original CJ blower is the low on the Blazer upgrade. The parts number are in the pics. below.
  12. War-shiper

    CJ's Wiring schematics

    Here's some pics. of CJ wiring 1976-1986 for those that need a reference.
  13. Here's a pic of the water pump bolt lengths of the AMC V8 water pump. It's great for accidentally breaking one or forgetting the correct placement when replacing them back on the engine.
  14. War-shiper

    Let's see those Jeep Fur Babies