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  1. War-shiper

    What is your favorite mod?

    Flush mount LEDS with the DV8 tire carrier for me on my JKU.
  2. War-shiper

    Locked Rear, Should I do the Front as well

    If you lock the front, what way are you planning on doing so? Also how is the rear locked?
  3. War-shiper

    YJ Build

    That's going to be bad ass!
  4. War-shiper

    Community Calendar: OJM start of summer bash

    @Carrielynn did y'all change the dates? I think you mentioned that on FB.
  5. War-shiper

    Sam's offroad event

    We were close for a wedding and I really wanted to go. I'm curious if anybody went.
  6. War-shiper

    The no name Scrambler

    Hell ya! SOA is what I would like to do to mine. Welcome
  7. War-shiper

    Hi from Merica!

    Love your XJ and welcome!
  8. War-shiper

    First Post

    Welcome to the family!
  9. War-shiper

    Hi from NV

    Looks like an awesome place to wheel. Great looking Jeep, welcome!
  10. War-shiper

    Meet Chupacabra

    Nice jeeps! I have seen the JKU around before, welcome.
  11. War-shiper

    My 09 Sahara on tons.

    Bad ass jeep! Welcome
  12. War-shiper

    My Voodoo

    Great color and I love your rig, welcome!
  13. War-shiper

    My jk

    Love the shot and welcome!
  14. War-shiper


    Good looking jeep!