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  1. A CB... Every jeep needs a CB! There is a little cobra handheld unit that can be bought for around $75.
  2. Aksoutherland

    Grab bars for 2012 Jeep Wrangler

    I have a set of the wild boar handles, they are amazing. Very sturdy!
  3. Aksoutherland

    Dash Mount Phone/Storage

    It looks great. I like it.
  4. Awesome, and well done, and congrats. I used my prize money to order some flush mount led pods for my rear bumper.
  5. Aksoutherland

    8" Double Din Android Head Unit...

    Thank you sir for the additional info. This has been added to my birthday/christmas list.
  6. I can't be a deduction on your taxes unless you claim my Jeep too.
  7. Aksoutherland

    Jeep Mod Party

    Couple of weeks ago, I had all three boys working on their Jeeps at the same time. The little one felt left out, so he grabbed some tools and climbed under his jeep. The YJ is getting a new Transmission Pan Gasket, the XJ is getting a new Power Steering Pump. My kids can't afford drugs or girlfriends, they have Jeeps.
  8. Aksoutherland

    Spintires Anyone

    I just heard of that one last week, but haven't yet had a chance to try it out. And.... I just installed Offroad Outlaws. I guess the rest of my evening will be all tied up.
  9. If you use Linux you can use the program rsync to do this as well. I am a Linux nerd by trade. Jeeper by heart.
  10. Aksoutherland

    Cracks me up!

    So is mine.
  11. Aksoutherland

    Spintires Anyone

    Does anyone here play Spintires. With some creative google searches you can get additional mods for vehicles and maps. I have spent many evenings driving a YJ around in custom maps in the game. This is how I get in my wheeling fix when I am not able to go out and play. If anyone is interested in the maps and mods let me know and I will be more than happy to share. Here are some screenshots.
  12. Aksoutherland

    Cracks me up!

    This app is amazing, I have screenshot'd so many forecasts it isn't even funny. If you have an Android Phone you can get it from the Google Play Store. Not sure about iPhone.
  13. Aksoutherland

    8" Double Din Android Head Unit...

    I completely missed that you replied to this. Probably just me though. I will definitely check it out. I have been wanting to upgrade to a new stereo and this one looks pretty cool. Thanks for the additional info. My Jeep is a 2015 JKU. I will do some research on it and post back in with what I found.
  14. Aksoutherland

    Boy, I say boy, here is Foghorn

    Where is the top pic from?