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Meredith Brown

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  1. Meredith Brown

    Power Chip or Winch

    A power chip won't work in mine so I'm looking for a good winch..
  2. Meredith Brown

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Pretty sure I recognize that name from my high school days.....
  3. Thanks for the instructions.. I'm headed to my settings right now.
  4. My JY totally needs a cb just incase I get stuck on the trails....
  5. My YJ needs all the help it can get and some awesome lights would help tremendously!
  6. I've got alot of go but I need some whoa.... In the process of sanding it.
  7. Meredith Brown

    95 yj

    Thanks Joe😊
  8. Meredith Brown

    95 yj

    My 1995 YJ is still a work in progress..
  9. Meredith Brown

    Where are all the YJs ay

    My 1995 YJ... I still have to get the exterior painted..
  10. Meredith Brown

    Hello from Oklahoma

    I just joined...
  11. Meredith Brown

    JÄGER from Texas

    Nice ride....
  12. Recently purchased 1995 wrangler YJ 4x4 with a Chevy 350 that I am redoing. I plan on painting the exterior a metallic grey/silver color. I finished the enterior as seen in the pictures. This is my first ever renovation of a vehicle.