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  1. Sidetrack

    Sat 6/16/2018 Drawing

    Congratulations Joe!!
  2. Sidetrack

    Jeep related memes

    I seen this on a FB site and died laughing.
  3. Sidetrack

    Pre-School Jeep show

    Yesterday I had an amazing turn out for a little Jeep show we did for a local Pre-School. I host a Jeep Invasion every spring at Robbers Cave State Park in Wilburton, Oklahoma. This year we put on a show for the kiddos. They loved it. What kind of community events do you guys get involve with.
  4. Sidetrack

    Easter Jeep Pictures

    Let’s see pictures of those Easter Egg hiding jeeps
  5. Sidetrack

    Robbers Cave State Park Trail Map

    Can’t wait to have everyone out next week!
  6. Suggestions on cutting new trials section. We just got the thumbs up to add trials over 240acres of land out by the existing trails at Robbers Cave. 😁
  7. Sidetrack

    Im working on Trail Theme colors...

    So I’m not sure what you are asking, but maybe do each state in a color or maybe all rubicon trails in a color. It would be awesome to maybe to each difficulty level of the trail in a color. Once I get my event over with at Robbers Cave I had planned on reading up on all the trails already posted and putting in the difficultly levels on them and the suggested tire size, lift, etc. see if I have any friends that have did those trails that could share some pics and personal experience on them also.
  8. Sidetrack

    Self Funded Site...

    Thank you sooo much for doing this. I know for myself I have already learned some things. I would not have been able to upgrade my bumper had I not won your contest. It is greatly appreciated and I’m excited to see so many new Jeep peeps one here!! Thank you for your time and for the effort you guy put into this group!
  9. It’s officially installed. I won the bumper contest and here it is!! I had been shopping around so I knew what I liked. I had a smittybilt bumper picked out but decided to shop around a bit. I found this bumper and winch for $44 more than the smittybilt bumper. It was ordered off the Tuff Stuff website which I put a link to at the end of this. It was quick shipping. I got it within 5 days, and it was packed to withstand ruff shipping. My brother and my husband installed it for me. Haven’t had to put the winch to work yet, but we did Wheel Robbers Cave State Park this last weekend and I was glad to have a stubby bumper verses the original one. It helped us have better approach angles on some of the rocks. If you have any questions just let me know. Thank you American Jeeper for this contest!! I greatly appreciate it. http://tuffstuff4x4.com/ Sweet did you get them mounted yet?
  10. I need this so I can lead more groups