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  1. Josh Young

    Gear Shifter knob

    I have an old MrGasket T-handle I've been thinking about putting on mine, just haven't decided to put the effort into getting the stock one off then tapping it so I can thread it on (never was a fan of set screw setups)
  2. Josh Young

    What is your Jeep’s name? Why?

    Mine earned the name Swampy after a day wheelin. Unfortunately it had nothing to do with the days events and everything to do with the Dairy Queen we went to afterwards not having working A/C and my wife having no filter when she blurted out how she felt (while I was still inside waiting for my cone-I didn't even get to be part of the whole conversation, which makes it even funnier to all involved)
  3. Josh Young

    Jeep related memes

  4. Josh Young

    Best front bumper...

    As much as people rag on them, I have a Smittybilt on the front of mine (with a *gasp* Harbor Freight winch! And yes I've used it MANY times, not just for recovery). Its held up stout with no issues for me. Now I have a DV8 the back which I also am happy about, I needed something that was actually tow rated.
  5. Pretty sure it wasnt me being the screw up... Which is surprising for me
  6. I'm actually probably going to be due for front stoppies by state I section time
  7. The novelty of the ammo can is outweighed by something more useful. Can always find a surplus can if you REALLY desire driving around with one
  8. Josh Young

    Dust deflector bug guard...lol

    My JK is the only thing I think ive owned I haven't put some form of bug shield on... Have a hood project to finish before I start hunting for which style I like
  9. Part of my problem is i prefer to 'make' if I can over just buying. I also hate cutting up good stuff which is why I hunt bodyshops (its how I got the 3 I have so far and the pieces for my hood project). It helps I ain't in a rush since I don't exactly need the clearance right now with 33s and 2 1/2" of extra height. Once I go to 35s... Might be more excited about moving faster on it
  10. Josh Young

    Hi from Pittsburgh

    Hes just a little guy compared to majority of who I wheel with, but gets the job done just as well (sometimes better, sometimes worse). Plus serves me well as my full framed, 4x4, minivan convertible.
  11. In waiting until I get ahold of a spare LF fender before I finish my cut set so I can make them all match. Never know what kind of damage in going to have to cut away since my source is bugging local body shows for wrecked pieces (how I got my spare 3/4 set I have now)
  12. Josh Young

    Quick SwayBar Disconnect

    I carry a pair of wrenches and just unbolt my solid ones. I want quick disconnects (and honestly plan/watch local groups for a Rubicon bar to retrofit into a manual disconnect) but in reality it takes me the same amount of time (sometimes less) to re-connect as people around me with with quick disconnects.
  13. Josh Young


    People bash Harbor Freight, but my Badlands 12k has been great with 0 issues for a few years. Its tugged me around, other stuck Jeeps, used it for housework, and drag my S10 around my property with it regularly out of boredom. I plan to switch to synthetic once the cable gets nasty but even that has over-achieved so far