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  1. I'd be a fool not to jump in. My rear brakes are about shot anyway.
  2. I could use a bit more light. Great opportunity.
  3. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Tinker Toy

    Thanks. A bit has changed since this though. You can see more at Revkit or on its Instagram and Facebook pages under @tinkertoyjeepadventures.
  4. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Quick SwayBar Disconnect

    You can actually get reasonably priced bar pins from tractor supply to replace your factory bolts with. You just don't get the adjustable length for lifted ride height. You could also get thread-bar from their to cut to length and they sale heim joints you could put on the ends. I've swapped over to the front ORO SwayLOC a few months ago and am loving that thing. Wish I would have purchased it sooner.
  5. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Quick SwayBar Disconnect

    I've been running the JKS quick disconnects. Pull pins, catch the end link, throw it all in the trunk cubby. Only sucks when muddy, lol. Really want the ORO SwayLOC but that comes at a price that I'm not ready to hand out.
  6. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Installing Rock Lights

    Honestly, some pinch crimps would be fine to tie them all together. Most rock lights are LED so there wouldn't be all that much stress on the wiring either. I want to rewire mine to come on when the door opens but still be able to use them with the app. Been lazy since temps dropped below 70 though, lol.
  7. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Seat Belts

    Ugh, my wide used to slam it in the door all the time. Noticed that she opened the door before un-clipping the belt and was basically jumping out half buckled in. Finally got her trained to un-clip the belt BEFORE reaching for the door handle. Hasn't been much trouble since.
  8. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Tread Design

    Nice shoulder bit, plenty of side teeth for when aired down, and a basic pattern down the middle. These have been great on anything I've put em on except a U-turn on wet, oily pavement. They didn't like that very much.
  9. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    YJ Build

    I get the strange feeling that you could fab up some mounting brackets pretty easily.
  10. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures


    I'm not sure whether it matter much in an off-road environment but most of racing requires them to be within their expiration dates, if equipped. Expired harnesses can leave ya sitting in the bleachers. Just a little something to look into, I guess.
  11. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Who has a Rock Lobster rig?

    I've seen a few named Rock Lobster or something similar but, honestly, don't see may red JK's anyway. A lot of black, silver, and white but not many reds.
  12. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Cb range

    I've seen a lot of folks moving to HAM radio lately but seems too troublesome for me atm. I have no purpose in long-range communication. This little Cobra 75 does more than enough for my needs. Do miss two-way radios though, haha.
  13. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Home made limb risers

    If you use hooks, carabiners, or the like at each end and a tensioner in the line, you'd be able to loosen and remove them as needed.
  14. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Cold air recommendations

    There are several makers of standalone a/c units such as those found here but they tend to be a bit more pricey. I've seen folks using water mister and dry ice systems but, living in Texas, those don't qualify as "a/c" to me. Not sure what a "Sour Skittle" is but could there be a factory option that you could source used parts for? If referring to cold air intakes, that gets a bit more messy in the terminology. Most pull hot air from under the hood. A snorkel would get ya cooler air. So would piping air to the air intake from outside with flex pipe. You'd need a drop-down in the pipe somewhere, like under the kitchen sink, with an outlet to dump any water entry and would still be risky. If you want really cold, there are a bunch of CO2 (overkill if not aspirated) and ice pack systems out there but those are going to push your price point. However, if a decent fabricator, you could get away with making one yourself. Just have to do some searches to get an idea of how they work and are built. Ice pack systems are basically a beer cooler in the air intake line.
  15. Tinker Toy Jeep Adventures

    Roll cages

    Coming from a dirt track background, I really feel like a custom job would be best, if done correctly with appropriate material. there are some kits available that provide with all the material and some instruction but you do the welding. The majority of these look fine. Most of the prefabs are more or less additions to the factory sport bars, which are quite weak because of bolt-together joints and a bunch of holes. That said, a CrawlHer JKU flopped (almost sitting still when it did it) a few weeks ago on a prefab that builds onto the factory sport bars. It lost the windshield and a door but otherwise fine.