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  1. The brake rotors and pads came in today. Looks like Dirty Girl is in need of some tender loving care.
  2. rednecktim

    Cracks me up!

    That takes all the fun out of it though.
  3. rednecktim

    My Voodoo

    Nice looking rig. Welcome.
  4. rednecktim

    My 09 Sahara on tons.

    Very nice Jeep. Welcome to the site.
  5. rednecktim

    Meet Chupacabra

    Nice set of Jeeps you have there. Like the blue.
  6. rednecktim

    Hi from Middle Tennessee!

    Welcome from Central Oklahoma.
  7. I'd know that Jeep in any crowd. Good to see you Tom.
  8. rednecktim

    Hi from NV

    Nice looking Jeep. Moab is definitely on my list to wheel.
  9. rednecktim

    First Post

    Welcome to the group.
  10. rednecktim

    Hi from Merica!

    Nice XJ welcome.
  11. Welcome, nice looking rig.
  12. rednecktim

    Underwater Photograpy ...Video

    I have yet to do any underwater videos with my go pro. I want to catch our dogs jumping in the water from underwater.
  13. rednecktim

    Here is the Friendly Duck

    Muskovee ducks are ugly but they have great personalities. My grandmother used to keep them on her ponds so that the Coyotes would stay away from her other ducks.