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  1. rednecktim

    Dirty Girl

    Thank you Carrie Lynn. Sherry has the photogenic eye, I just do what needs to be done to keep her looking good.
  2. rednecktim

    Robbers Cave Jeep Invasion

    Sunday morning shenanigans.
  3. rednecktim

    My build

    We took our time getting Dirty Girl to where she is now. Just WHEN I thought I was going to get to work on my TJ Sherry has decided she needs more done first. Go figure
  4. You man do some awesome work. I know that in hand said this more than once but I just don't know what else to say. As soon as my wife decides on what she is going to do I am going to get you a grill to paint for her JKU.
  5. rednecktim

    Schnebly Hill, AZ

    That is a beautiful part of the state. We went by there before we got our Jeep obsession full blown.
  6. rednecktim

    Hey from Roland ok

    Welcome. We were at Gruber Easter Weekend. That was our first of many trips. Nice park and not far from family at all.
  7. rednecktim

    Hello from Manitou in Coweta, OK

    Welcome and nice rig. I have family all over & around Coweta.
  8. rednecktim

    New from Owasso, Oklahoma

    Good looking Jeeps. Welcome to the website. Hope tobsee you out on the trails some time.
  9. Welcome. What part of Oklahoma are you in?
  10. rednecktim

    LED 3rd Brake light

    Great Job. I made one for my wife's JKU. I tied the right half and the left half to corresponding Blinkers so we have brake lights and blinkers inside the spare tire. I also put Blue LED's on it to match her rock lights when They are on when we are offroad.
  11. rednecktim

    GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service)

    Several of the group I wheel with are switching to a VHF UHF 2 way radio by Boa Feng. It is programmable so that you can link multiple radios onto the same channel and talk back and forth just like the age old CB. I will still keep my CB as it is a requirement at Jeep Jamborees.
  12. rednecktim

    Info on budget boosts?

    Mark it makes for a fun ride at first that's for sure. Takes a little to get used to it for sure.
  13. rednecktim

    Dirty Girl

    She may be getting some more upgrades by end of summer.
  14. Will read the rules better.....Sorry.
  15. rednecktim

    TJ on tons

    I am in the beginning stages of looking at putting #BackwoodsTJ on 1 ton axel's. I want to run 37's on it. I know I am going to have to change up the steering. Thinking redneck ram but not sure. I know this will be a costly build but it will be my toy to save beating on the wife's JKU. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.