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  1. Way, hey and up she rises!

  2. IAmTHEGroot

    Georgia Here

    It all takes time!
  3. IAmTHEGroot

    Steering stabilizer Installation?

    Nice setup! Thanks too. I got mine installed finally and buttoned up tight.
  4. IAmTHEGroot

    Installing Rock Lights

    I wasn’t just curious how they’ve been installed. Seems like a lot of wires to be connecting.
  5. IAmTHEGroot

    Installing Rock Lights

    Would something like a bus bar or a terminal work? Are y’all familiar with those?
  6. IAmTHEGroot

    Installing Rock Lights

    I’m wondering how have you tied all of your rock lights into one? I’ve wired two pods into one harness lead but not 8 lights/wires.
  7. IAmTHEGroot

    Do you know the difference?

    Phy you’re so right! Did you replace everything yourself or have a shop do it? I ask only because surely there was a bad bushing in the mix, at least that would be my guess. Sometimes it’s just a loose bolt and nut.
  8. IAmTHEGroot

    Steering stabilizer Installation?

    I think we need some more input!
  9. IAmTHEGroot

    Who wants lockers?

    Same here! The installation differences have to make a deciding factor for most people. I just don’t want lockers all the time since I drive mine daily. And honestly, my biggest question is does brand/make actually make a difference? Such as get what you pay for....
  10. IAmTHEGroot

    Do you know the difference?

  11. IAmTHEGroot

    Steering stabilizer Installation?

    I just installed my new steering stabilizer and I’m wondering how it should be angled? Horizontally with the tie rod or at a slant with the drag link? Here’s a pic of what it looks like now...
  12. IAmTHEGroot

    Who wants lockers?

    What lockers have you been thinking of installing and why? And which do you think is best?
  13. IAmTHEGroot

    Show us what you got

    Yeti is one cool looking rig! That roof rack and retro round lights are my favorite!