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Gilbert J Graybill

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  1. Gilbert J Graybill

    Any Comanche owners?

    Nice manshee. Looks like Oklahoma red dirt.
  2. Gilbert J Graybill

    Front end complete

    It looks good. When I read stock I cringed a bit because the stock components are weak and can taco on the trail. Glad to read that you were aware and went with beefier units. I would suggest some sort of hydro assist if you offroad it.
  3. Gilbert J Graybill

    Weekend wheeling

    We had a blast the big green machine on the end crunched a motor mount and the smaller one decided it didnt need a track bar. All together between my group and the others from our club we had about 40 jeeps there. Later that night we hit the trails in a group of about 20 rigs
  4. Gilbert J Graybill

    A couple of pics from MOAB

    Its definitely an adventure. The traction is unreal. We have another trip on the books planned for next year.
  5. Gilbert J Graybill

    New tires and wheels

    I run the redneck ram on my XJ and love it. Made a world of difference in the rocks. At the end of the day I am nowhere near fatigued because I was fighting steering all day.plus the price is fairly reasonable compared to PSC
  6. Gilbert J Graybill

    New from Owasso, Oklahoma

    Is this the Xj in JA that was up at Disney this weekend?
  7. Gilbert J Graybill

    Checking in from Korea

    What part of Korea?
  8. Gilbert J Graybill

    Another new member from Oklahoma

    Nice rig what part of Okie land?
  9. Gilbert J Graybill

    Hey from Oklahoma

    I know those rocks top of the Grand staircase at Disney. Like the color and welcome to the site
  10. Gilbert J Graybill

    Hello from OK

    Nice to see another okie rig if you ever get to Disney ok?
  11. Gilbert J Graybill

    Hello from Manitou in Coweta, OK

    Nice rig. If you like jeeps you should join Jeepers Anonymous out of Tulsa we do all kinds of events from charity drives to wheeling trips. Btw welcome to the site.
  12. Gilbert J Graybill

    Meet jeep. It has no name just yet.

    Disney? It named yet?
  13. Gilbert J Graybill

    Hey from Roland ok

    Good to see some more Okie rigs do you ever make it out to disney?
  14. Gilbert J Graybill

    Hi from ok

    Thank you. We are getting more prevalent on the trails.