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  1. I’m gunna need this if I don’t get a lift soon....😂😂😂😂
  2. Jason W.

    Thank you for my prize!!

    These are my winnings! Thanks again Mark!!!
  3. Take these doors off for More mud in sun..... and......in the jeep... yeah!
  4. Jason W.

    Jku clutch repair

    Thank you everyone! Few things to think about... is it a tough job to do for one that has very little mechanical experience?
  5. Thank you Mark and everyone participating in American Jeepers club and website. Here are the grab bars for the stock Jeep my wife and I have. The first and newest addition to it (when she gets back from the shop, from the burnt out clutch😔) very excited to put them in! Thank you again,
  6. Jason W.

    Jku clutch repair

    Our clutch is gone. Has anyone had to replace their clutch, yet? What parts did you use (Dodge) and what was the estimated cost for that?? We are looking at about $1600 total?? Any thoughts? We are looking at $800 in parts alone around the Cartersville, Ga area. We have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. This is our first clutch we’ve had to buy/repair so just looking for opinions or thoughts... Thank you in advance....
  7. I could use this to call a friend in front just in case I get stuck on huge rocks like this!!! Go big or go home🙈 😂😂😂
  8. Jason W.

    Lights of March Contest

    Need a little bit to brighten this girl up! She is sad being fully stock😒
  9. We are fully stock and need to start somewhere. New to the off road endeavors of the jeep community, so my wife needs something to hold onto while we learn new skills!