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  1. Alien

    S/S will have a winch!

    So my wife found a 10,000lb winch at a garage sale, and picked it up for $250 new... it sat in the guys garage for a couple months and paid $600 for it
  2. Over a month and a half for a call back from dealership to let me know that the part came in... now to get the S/S back to the dealer I bought it from an hour away lol
  3. So I took S/S in for its first oil change... and they found a leaky (weeping) rear main seal... not bad enough to leak onto the driveway, but just enough to sweat on the bellhousing... on the plus side it’s covered by WARRENTY 👌🏻 I couldnt pass up this photo... seen the name of this business and just had to....
  4. Alien

    Sound systems...

    Louder is better lol id just like to have a bit of thump from the speakers instead of distortion from paper cones lol
  5. Alien

    Rocklights finally went in

    I think Tim was asking for night shots of the lights... I grabbed a couple tonight from my way home from work
  6. Alien

    Sound systems...

    Ok Jeeple, I’m planning on upgrading from stock speakers, they sound like crappy paper cones and I wanna swap out to silicone cones for more ooophmf out of my system... anyone got recommendations that won’t break the bank? I’ll even piece one together since some places want HUGE $ for a package
  7. Welcome welcome welcome!!! Me and sour skittle say Hi!!
  8. Alien

    intermittent check engine light

    I had mine come on when it snapped cold here, it was weird every light turned on and my traction control turned off for 15 mins and then it was good after that
  9. That would have been worse here, stripped of parts then burnt to the ground! Did they atleast leave the rims and tires or did you have to buy another set?
  10. Alien

    Fuel mpg dropping

    I must be reading it wrong on the dash.. seems like the fuel is lasting longer but then again I’m not driving around that much
  11. Alien

    Water leak due to rain

    Are your clamps and screws tight? That might cause a leak
  12. Alien

    Rocklights finally went in

    Works for me mark, just takes a min to load Canadian standards are a bit lower I guess lol
  13. Alien

    Sour Skittle is now broke in

    The wife and S/S want to go back to the mud lol just waiting for our trail to come back lol