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  1. Ndkshns

    Hey from Roland ok

    Yea I can understand wanting to wheel a bit closer to home. I live about a half hour from Disney
  2. Ndkshns

    Hello from SE Arizona

    Looks like a capable rig. I used to live in Tucson. Some good wheeling out there
  3. This rig looks great hope to see him and his brother out on the trail at some point
  4. Ndkshns

    GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service)

    I would go ahead and install the CB alot of groups still run them
  5. Looks great. I even learned something about pressure testing tanks
  6. Ndkshns

    Limb risers

    Those are bad ass.
  7. Ndkshns

    TJ on tons

    I run a redneck ram on my XJ and absolutely love it. At the end of the day I am nowhere near as tired as I used to be fighting the stock steering setup. I would suggest selectable lockers as well as a slight suspension stretch. We went to SMORR a couple of years ago and the stock wheelbase wranglers had trouble where the stretched guys didnt.
  8. Ndkshns

    Info on budget boosts?

    This one we want to keep it streetable. My XJ does most of the offroading so it will keep its sway bars. We want the stability the larger tires offer not necessarily for offroad capability.
  9. Ndkshns

    Disney OffRoad

    https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/oklahoma_14853/ride_b212.htm Hey all I found this link showing info about Disney plus it gives info on camping areas, cabin rentals, ect. Also here are a couple of pics from our last run out there a couple of weeks ago
  10. Ndkshns

    Little Blue and Disney, OK....

    Nice thing about this place is every major obstacle has a bypass for even a stock rig. So you can get to where the action is.
  11. Ndkshns


    Just as it says. What are some must have items for over landing? Things the normal sap would think of and things most would not.
  12. Ndkshns

    GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service)

    Our club is transitioning to the GMRS style radio as well. At first I was against them but being a trail lead I love the portability of them. When I get out of the Jeep at the top of a hill or obstacle I can grab my radio and carry it with me. Sometimes I can be 100 yrds away from my Jeep. Also when our rigs get bunched up CBs can reverb and. Be unintelligible. The GMRS radios dont have this issue.
  13. Ndkshns

    Newest Accessories for TJ

  14. Ndkshns

    Site Point System Explained

    Do reactions count toward post count?
  15. Ndkshns

    Need another jeep section

    I know I was looking for the KJ (liberty) section those guys can bring alot to the page if we can get enough of them here.