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  1. Have not attempted to fix it yet. It was bent before putting the jks quick disconnects on. Its likely from putting my Jeep in places it didn't belong with no lift and 29" tires back when I first bought it. I rubbed the belly on lots and lots of rocks back then.
  2. Jimbo312

    Best front bumper...

    I bought a mid width through extreme terrain and wished it was a better quality. Came with a bit of paint chipped due to shipping and wish I'd gone with something different. The one I bought was a Barricade.
  3. I've pretty much left it alone up to this point. It's an awkward place to swing a hammer. Would be best if I could get it on a lift and take the driver side wheel off so I could swing without the risk of it falling on me.
  4. Jimbo312

    Hey from Roland ok

    I tend to stay away from the bottoms. Dont care for the sand. Surprised I haven't seen you at gruber. I normally go out to Disney a couple times per year. It's about a 3 hour drive so I normally wheel somewhere a bit closer to home.
  5. Yeah, you can go thinner tubing than I did and be okay and come out alot lighter. I needed the extra support because of the heavy air tank.
  6. It's crazy heavy. But the good part is the frame of the jeep will crumple before this bumper gets smashed.
  7. Good lookin winch! Not saying i need one, but not sayin i dont either lol.