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  1. My 4x4 selector knob is backwards to yours. The actual xfer select is the same, but knob is wrong ???
  2. Joe Fisk

    A few really quick upgrades / Mods

    Nice Mods to personalize your ride. Looking good
  3. Joe Fisk

    95 yj

    Not a problem, It is refreshing to watch you grow and learn. There has been nothing this girl won't tackle on her Jeep.
  4. Joe Fisk

    Home made limb risers

    I am thinking along the lines from windshield header down to the front fender mid brace. Realize that they would interfere with working from over fender in engine compartment, but doesn't seem like that much of a deal to me.
  5. Joe Fisk

    Tag Relocation Kit...

    Looks like a much better fit and placement then the original
  6. Joe Fisk

    Spare Tire Third Brake light Mod...

    My next thing to change. Really like that idea.
  7. Joe Fisk

    Pedal Commander

    Yeppers, paid a little attention to the menus, and throttle responce much better.
  8. Joe Fisk

    Super Chips Flapak Programmer...

    I am really impressed with my F5 Programmer. Especially once I paid more attention to the menus
  9. Joe Fisk

    Gear Shifter knob

    Americanshifter site is pretty cool for sure.
  10. Joe Fisk

    Quick Cheap mods

    Looks good, like the personal touches.
  11. Joe Fisk

    CB install

    Mounted mine above the mirror and the antenna on the spare mount with center load antenna. Coax runs along the roll bar.
  12. Joe Fisk

    Gear Shifter knob

    My '07 JK has had the wrong shift knob on it from the git go. Has a 5 speed knob and the 4x4 lever knob legend is wrong. It reads 2H-- 4LO - N - 4HI.
  13. Joe Fisk

    Seat belt problems

    Guess I will have to start calling salvage yards
  14. Joe Fisk


    Good looking rig. Classy
  15. Hey there Meredith, I recognize that 350 equipped YJ. And the sanding marks. LOL