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  1. Joe Fisk

    Black JK's

    You re absolutely right, it does look different in the sunshine
  2. Joe Fisk

    Bobbing my front bumper

    I am thinking about bobbing the ends on my front bumper. Just leaving the stinger, and adding side gussets maybe
  3. Joe Fisk

    Synthetic winch Line Upgrade

    So I got to use my new Synthetic winch line today. Okay, I might be a convert
  4. Joe Fisk

    Let's talk headlights.

    I noticed after a hard rain, one of my KC headlights got water in it. Not a happy camper at this point. Time to follow lead and go to LED Projectors
  5. Joe Fisk

    Seat belt problems

    I bit the bullet and ordered a new one. Safety first, even if they are just a passenger, lol
  6. Joe Fisk


    When deciding on a winch, remember that a winch is like a trailer, once your friends know you have it, they will want to use it.
  7. Joe Fisk

    Hill Start Assist

    I have been thinking along the idea of installing a line lock, like used on drag cars. But for now, I am pretty handy with the hand brake.
  8. Joe Fisk

    Synthetic winch Line Upgrade

    I know I am Old school and Old, but I finally replaced my steel cable on my Warn 10k. Due to my Partners and Kids fighting the steel cable while using it, I decided to go with Synthetic Line. I however didn't go with the Warn line for $400 but instead opted for the Astra 1/2 shielded 23500 x 92". It fit on the drum. Of course I cleaned the drum and the hause fair lead. The Warn didn't come with rollers so there is that. I will give a follow up after it is used a few times.
  9. Joe Fisk

    Anti roll....

    Guess it is time to recenter the steering wheel again. But at least I am getting good at it. lol
  10. Joe Fisk

    Driveshaft noise

    Mud and Sand both fun to play in but play heck on all moving / rotating assembly parts. Good cleaning and maintenance is a must.
  11. Joe Fisk

    Thank you for my prize!!

  12. Joe Fisk

    Thank you for my prize!!

    Thanks for the blower upper
  13. Joe Fisk

    CV Joint repair

    I went with stock OEM type in rear and Terra High Angle in front.
  14. Joe Fisk

    New Front & Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier

    Good job and good article. Nice pics.
  15. Joe Fisk

    What is your favorite mod?

    Yes Sir, I couldn't have done it without you guys, THANKS AGAIN