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  1. I'm still stock lights on my JK. lol. Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Mugger_03


    Mark... I actually handed out A LOT at work! Proud of me?
  3. I love anything paranormal, Mark! I'd love to go out to these places!
  4. Mugger_03

    Passing the Jeep to you Kids

    My son is driving. He wants a jeep! Makes mama proud lol. He loves mine. We shall see...
  5. Mugger_03

    What is your Jeep’s name? Why?

    Mines I Meanmugger.. aka: Mugger. Folks always tell me that I have that look on my face. That I will throat punch someone at any given moment. But in all honesty, I'm sweet as can be! lol.
  6. Mugger_03

    LED 3rd Brake light

    Mine is like that. A lot of compliments! Love the look! Awesome work!
  7. Mugger_03


  8. Entered. Thanks for opportunity!
  9. Mugger_03

    Light bar

    I love the KC 6 pack! Pretty pricey though. Great reviews!
  10. Mugger_03

    Bimini Tops

    I have an alien. Its definitely served its purpose. Especially in this Oklahoma heat!
  11. I need to venture out more and start getting some badges!
  12. Mugger_03

    How to get your Amateur (ham) Radio license

    Great information! Thanks!
  13. Mugger_03

    Let me see your CJ rigs!

    I love me some CJs!
  14. Mugger_03


    Beautiful jeep! And love that pully system in the garage!