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  1. Here is a way to get to my You tube channel where I video most trails I run...

    I got better from when I had just started and Moved up with equipment like GO Pro Hero 4 which I currently run

    For some reason I cant get a static address from You tube but you can follow this link and that will land you on my You tube page in sorts and there are 232 videos I have uploaded since I started wheeling 2.5 yrs ago...

    Its boring in many and some show me stopped for periods of time but they are all there along with some like coming down the backside of Black bear pass at night which not many people can say they have done...at some places you have a foot or so between you and an 800 foot shear drop off...

    Other times your thinking why doesnt he give up and stop trying... keep watching and you will see...
    I make it no matter what but I may have to take 15 runs at it to clear a boulder and you may not be seeing that im adjusting the wheel or slowly moving my jeep kinda like a typewriter to gain leverage or whatever to get past the obstacle...

    Never the less I get moved all around in the cab despite seat belts and hand grabs and dead man foot pedal and was sore after wheeling Moab from all the jerking and rough terrain...
    I enjoy what I do if your bored check a few out...
    Never know which ones you will like or not... This was a week ago and my videos are in 4K but to be able to upload I have to degrade them...

    Ill add a few more links below but once there I think you can see my video list and trail list and click accordingly Ill add some of the ones I like for now...