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    I am a Project Chief Inspector and a Welding Inspector for Cross Country Pipelines and Compressor Stations. I also build Power plants, Chemical Plants, Refineries, and Paper mills. I help you have Power and Heat...


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  1. Terms Like Cold, Hot, High, Low, Fat & Skinny...

    These are based on personal Opinions-remember that.
    The next time someone trys to insult you in anyway.
    That also is their Opinion.

    What I like to do is pretend, I care about that persons Opinion When in reality, if I wanted an opinion-
    I probably would have asked for one...

    Keep that in mind.
    Dont let peoples Opinions of you or what you can or cant do influence you to do anything except strive to prove them wrong...

    Or ignore their opinion and keep on Jeepin on...:)

    Dont let peoples Opinions Get ya down Ever...