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  1. This is a Piece of Shit...
    If his lips are moving he has demonstrated repeatedly he is lying... 2 yrs of I have seen evidence of Trumps Russia Involvement 20 months later Robert Mueller gives up Having never investigated how the investigation got legs to start... or even the Steel Dossier ...Wait What...how could you not...

    Oh that's right Peter Strzok and Lisa Paige were involved in the Hillary email scandal as investigators...Mention the insurance policy along with them also involved in the Russia probe and the Mueller Collusion investigation.

    Now no matter what Adam Schiff has vowed to continue investigating Trump even if not impeached...

    It will never end folks...
    So rather than push anything that would benefit the whole of Americans and our country the Dems continue to whine and think they can deem Trump ineligible to run in future Elections...

    I mean lets be serious this is exactly what they think they need to do because they know they aren't going to win against him and the records he continues to set in areas like

    Illegal Immigration- border crossings are starting to decrease drastically. Along with drugs making it in as easily...
    Stock Market (yea we all know)
    Standing up to foreign countries.
    Unemployment across all spectrum's all time lows across the board.
    Less welfare is required.
    Built up our military again.
    More bring home money for most Americans Raises for workers without mandates with the lack of unemployed people around Businesses are paying more and giving raises.
    You get the idea.

    He wants to investigate Trump Finances now also
    (kinda how they could get Trumps Tax returns and leak them to the public of course-unless he is squeaky clean)
    Trust me if the IRS had anything on him they would have leaked or done something before the 2016 election, if they had something solid it would have surfaced by now he has been under a microscope the entire time since he announced his run...

    This is sad. The Dems have turned their back on their base and do nothing but launch investigation after investigation, and make accusations, that all so far have boomeranged back on them. They lack the imagination to investigate something they haven't done themselves...thats how they think...so it keeps returning to expose them and other Dems and Trump keeps on trucking...

    Sad... we need to vote all the clowns out they have been sitting on the USMCA deal which Mexico approved and Canada and all thats left...Yep the Democrats...
    Scan down to the bold text and look at the differences from NAFTA... and you will see why Trump made a better deal and the people of the US that would benefit from this deal getting signed and could have been signed two months ago...
    They just dont want to let Trump have any kinda win...That means they should all lose their jobs...they basically are broadcasting that they are concerned only with winning elections and not the best interest of us your or our country...Them First Spoiled little brat kids...
    Sad day for the US...
    And no wonder our friends who are Democrat supporters think Trump is so bad, have you checked out CNN MSNBC NBC ABC New York Times (which actually Gave him credit and chastised the dems the other day I almost fell out the Washington post. LA Times (but of course...lol) and and quite a few more...
    I cant believe what I hear them say...and No I dont just watch Fox I search the web and listen and watch news I used to pay close attention to the BBC they seemed pretty reasonable in reviews on the whole of our government...Like during Desert Storm and other wars, the BBC criticizes how the US media doesn't ever show a killed American In a war, when they do. They said that America trys to fight clean wars...
    No this is so we don't mind sending our children to fight because we don't see how real war truly is. Sad sad sad...