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  1. John Bandy,
    Here is a guy who can see everything from the front line, not your opinion or mine and check it out.
    IG report also is out you may want to check it out...
    When your news outlets say that there was no evidence of Bias- its being misrepresented. There are signs and proof everywhere, he just couldnt get people to admit it they forgot- cant recall and bullshit of those sorts...

    I will add a link that does an over view of the most important parts of the IG report since I know you wont read it... however maybe while in the can or over a cup of coffee you could just scroll through and check it out so your better informed about the lies the Mainstream media and propaganda control they and the democrats are perpetuating on the american people...

    I think its time for Reports to be held to a higher standard than the enquirer and that if they print known lies about someone no matter who they should be striped of their right to be a reporter, and dont even get me started on the likes of losers like the View Cnn Msnbc NBC ABC they are all toilet reporters...

    Anyhow enjoy your holiday season with your family and have a great day man...