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  1. 50 Shades of Grey.....Now I got your attention...
    Women Listen Up...
    Now I helped the fellows down there somewhere" with a Christmas Items for the Babe list"...
    Now...Its time for ole Marky Mark to lend the ladys a Hand...
    I put it up on my website
    You can read copy whatever never even signing up or registering or anything...

    I have posted a copy of the original Agreement between Ana and Christian sign They are blanked out so you can print and fill them in...

    As a Special Bonus for all the women out there...
    I included a Checklist for Limits...
    Whats Special about this?
    You may ask...
    I will answer...lol
    You both (You and your Friend) fill one out...
    I bet you...You will be surprised at some of the answers your friend puts down...
    Anyhow Ill add the link here...
    You ladies are Most Welcome & Good Luck...
    Oh and I Personally Built the website too... :)