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  1. Mark

    Gear Shifter knob

    https://www.americanshifter.com/ Maybe this will help you thousands of knobs..lol Its where I go when I want something
  2. New JL and ongoing mods

  3. I added my JL and also updated the JKU sections of mine today... https://www.pinterest.com/americanjeeperus/
  4. Just watched the new pet Cemetery...It was pretty good for an old story line...

  5. Proof they work well... Also later I stapled the tape into position it looks better and is holding up fine...
  6. Well I have hit 5000 friends...
    Time to piss some people off...lol

  7. Mark

    Limo added ...Yes...

    I love the limo since Im in it 60 hours a week or so...
  8. Then added Metal Cloak Game Changer 3.5 Lift Rubicon Warn Winch with Wireless Remote Rock Sliders same style as My JKU has I love them wouldnt trade them for any other type...saved my jeep numerous times...
  9. Peel and stick try to get them on straight...lol
  10. I love them... I can now carry my Hot work field permits and Metal markers, Marker Ribbon, flashlight -mini and my inspection mirrors all in the back stored and not loose or taking up space inside the glove box or in the netting of the doors... Perfect...
  11. I like them... I used a Mater Card Jeep Card for the last yr and a half not realizing I get cash value at the dealership, long story short I asked while at the jeep dealer they said yep you can use it the mater card dept for my credit card used my points and I bought a 1000 in free jeep parts for the new JL... So I got real Jeep Lights and the mounts... So first thing is to remove the factory bolts using I think its the Torx 20 bit and take them from the cowl area of the jeep you are supplied with new bolts and spacers to mount the weird shaped brackets... I am unsure if Ill have to move the lights when dropping the front windshield down flat at this time... Next you install the brackets using the new bolts and spacers then mount the lights in position. After that you look along the passenger side kicker panel for the pig tail that comes from the new included 4 Aux switch bank on the bottom of the center console jeep now added to Jeeps...Nice touch finally... However you may also go under the hood alongside the battery between the fender and the battery itself and you will see a four wire bundle there also, which means I didnt have to run any wires through the firewall or anything ... Two of the thicker wires are 40 amp rated and two are 15 amp rated you only need one per device.... I used the 15 amp rated one (orange) since these lights have tiny wires on the light kit themselves and they are LED which requires significantly less power to run... Works like a champ... Ill include a picture of where the inside kicker panel wires are located along with the location and colors for the under the hood location. I selected the 5" light size couldnt imagine going with 7" when im trying to keep the jeep semi professional looking and dont want to go gowdy... I was on the fence and I am very happy with the ones I got the 7" also seemed to be frosted where these are more of a clean clear look on lens... In relation to the wire bundle inside at passenger kick panel...they can be utilized as stand alone, or to trigger with the switch with or in conjunction with exterior bundle...as long as you wire to the same color they both will either actuate combined or solely depending on how you choose to wire things up... For instance, say you want to wire up out side spots or rock lights and you want red LED footwell lighting to be on at the same time... Use the orange wire which is switch Aux 3 for inside LED footwell and use the Orange wire under hood to connect to the rock lights and both will come on at the same time... Or wire the orange wire inside for footwell or whatever and dont use the orange under the hood and your footwell lights will come on and off accordingly... I chose to wire my set up under the hood since they are pod lights and not use the inside wire for anything...
  12. I would try a different approach if its just in a few spots... I would attempt to sand it with an automatic sander cause thats gonna take some work... and then patch fill it in and then after that go over it again with a new coat... Just a thought... I had to perform some touch up on Lucille and have a couple more spots to Monsta line when I do get her back since I ripped the right rear fender loose and re welded it into position plus I over sprayed a slight amount of black into my red and vice versa...lol It happens... Good luck
  13. Wanna Know a Secret... Trevor does Air brush and is very good at it... Heads up in case anyone is interested he is the man...
  14. Mark

    Big Bend National Park

    My new Girlfriend who also is a jeeper here and on my page is heading there when she travels out to see me in a month give or take a few days... We met in person around Christmas and well she has a Rubicon 08 model Called Buttercup... Connie is her name... She wants to not stay too long there since we have a 8500 mile trip already planned for her and Im along the way...lol
  15. Mark

    I got my JLWhoo hooo....

    Im adding some things later today after I supposedly sleep and check out then into a different motel...