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  1. Mark

    Hand Feeding Wild Deer...

    Thats cool he a nice looking young buck...
  2. Mark

    Where is everyone?

    Hahaha comes in waves on here...They will come back I built it...LOL Famous last words...
  3. Mark

    S/S will have a winch!

  4. Mark

    Stubby bumper

    Yep I could see that...
  5. Mark

    Clutch Issues

    When I replace I use Racing parts they cost little more and are well worth it in the long run.
  6. Mark

    Greetings from JeepDog of So Cal

    Thats true sorry I get busy at times. Welcome to the show...
  7. Todd and Carrielynn are the winners based on FB voting...
  8. Matthew M. Snyder Wins the drawing for service members out of town for the side mirrors and foot pegs Congrats sir... Video.mov
  9. Mark

    Thank you for my prize!!

    Yes sir enjoy...
  10. Mark

    Synthetic winch Line Upgrade

    Yep safer and stronger
  11. Mark

    Bobbing my front bumper

    Bobbing ???
  12. Mark

    Schnebly Hill Badge of honor trail

    Nice I havent made it there yet next yr I have this planned along with up the coast of California so I can get them all completed...
  13. Mark

    New CB

    Good deal Joe...
  14. Post a picture of your Jeep in a Reflection Only One Entry per household for a Free Set of Side mirror Foot pegs There will be a 1st place and 2nd Place Winner... Co Sponsored By Manufacturer https://www.kikbaxoffroad.com/jeep_jk_foot_pegs_wmirrors_07_18_jk_jk_unlimited_kikbax_offroad
  15. If you are currently Active Military Service Must have current unit assigned to. & Unable to upload a Mirror Reflection for the Contest... You may Post a comment here with a picture of your Jeep to enter this free Drawing to be held On Sept 30th at 8 PM CST Only Post Once in Contest and Drawing Threads. Co Sponsored By Manufacturer https://www.kikbaxoffroad.com/jeep_jk_foot_pegs_wmirrors_07_18_jk_jk_unlimited_kikbax_offroad