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    Joe Fisk

    Pedal Commander

    Yeppers, paid a little attention to the menus, and throttle responce much better.
  2. 1 point

    Gear Shifter knob

    https://www.americanshifter.com/ Maybe this will help you thousands of knobs..lol Its where I go when I want something
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    Technically the Baofengs (most) are illegal to use except on ham radio frequencies with the proper license. Please be mindful of the frequencies you are using, I would suggest sticking with the FRS or MURS frequencies. Even the Rugged Radios are programmed with frequencies that you are supposed to have a license to use. The licenses are regional and you can interfere with many entities that are actually licensed for those frequencies. Exmpla: 1 WTHRMN 151.625 2701 Licensed users. Including: Union Pacific, FCA US, Subaru, University of Oklahoma, NM State University, BP, Exxon, Boeing, Vertex standard (Yaesu ham radios), UPS 2 BFGRLY 151.715 1243 Licensed users. Including: Many school districts, City/State agencies, McDonalds, and various businesses. 3 BAJAPTS 154.980 644 License users. Including: State, City, County, Police and Fire for States all over the country. 4 NETWORK 151.685 1232 Licensed users. Including: American Airlines, School districts and Universities, Costco, fast food restaurants. 5 CHECKRS 151.925 1178 License users. Including: Verizon, Haliburton, Hospitals, City/State, Schools/Colleges, various businesses. 6 FAIR 150.860 127 License users. Including: Hospitals, automotive, schools. 7 YOKOHAM 153.110 396 License users. Including: Exxon, Marathon Oil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, NBC Telemundo, FCA US, CBS, Clear Channel, various other TV/Radio. 8 RUGGED RELAY 152.960 653 Licensed users. Including: Various Oil/Gas companies, Concrete companies, Kingsford Charcoal, many farms, Urgent Ambulance service, schools. 9 CHKRS 2 151.505 1736 Licensed users. Including: UPS, Construction companies, Conoco, Phillips 66, Exxon, Goodyear, AM General, T-Mobile, Tampa Bay Search and Rescue & REACT. Denali Off Road club holds a license for their members. 10 BFGPITS 153.395 282 Licensed users. Including: FCA US, Northrop Grumman, Dow Corning, Oil/Gas, farms, Tyson foods, Kroger, Oklahoma State University, Boeing. 11 MAG 7 153.380 295 Licensed users. Including: GE, PPG Paints, Ford, Trane, Citgo, 3M, Green Bay Packaging, Valero, Yokohama Tires, OK State, University of Texas Permian Basin, Idaho Power Company, New Hampshire, Electric Coop, IBM. 12 RESCUE 155.160 1133 Licensed Users. Including: National Ski Patrol, many search and rescue teams, many municipalities, schools, and hospitals. 13 CORE 153.245 227 Licensed Users. Including: Sinclair, Exxon, Dow Corning, Northrop Grumman, 3M, Volvo Trucks, Nestle Purina, various manufacturing companies, Dana (axles), many schools, municipalities. 14 PRIVATE 156.675 117 Licensed Users. Including: Municipalities, Chevron, Shell, towing companies, oil/gas, many maritime businesses, 15 SANDLMO 152.510 53 Licensed Users. Including: Communication companies, Telephone companies, 16 PCI RLY 154.515 1738 Licensed Users. Including: Municipalities, many Hospitals, many schools, Fastfood. 17 BITD 151.490 540 Licensed Users. Including: Oregon State Forestry, Nevada Dept of Wildlife, State of Arizona, Penn State Police, State of California, farms, NH State Dept of Corrections, City/County, State of Maine Info Tech, Texas DOT, schools, State of Washington, State of West Virginia, Lockheed Martin, 18 KOH 1 157.450 200 Lincesed Users. Including: many hospitals, schools, City/County, State of New Jersey, City of New York, State of Colorado, State of California, State of New Mexico, LA County, State of Nebraska.
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    Joe Fisk

    Quick Cheap mods

    Looks good, like the personal touches.
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    Joe Fisk

    CB install

    Mounted mine above the mirror and the antenna on the spare mount with center load antenna. Coax runs along the roll bar.
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    Awesome. I only need a back seat with doors. Lol.
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    Hey there Meredith, I recognize that 350 equipped YJ. And the sanding marks. LOL
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    We went to the dealership to check out the new gladiator last. While we were there we also checked out the Rubi wrangler and I noticed these seats. It's such a great idea for Jeep to echo the wishes of their consumers and add little things like this. Jeep has always been the swiss army knife of the vehicles of the world but with the new wrangler I think they've made themselves more of like the leatherman. The bags look great! How's the leg room in the back?
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    I'd be a fool not to jump in. My rear brakes are about shot anyway.
  13. 1 point
    I could use a bit more light. Great opportunity.
  14. 1 point
    Been working to fix my ol girl up. She got new paint new lights would be fabulous.
  15. 1 point
    Needing some pillar pods
  16. 1 point
    My JY totally needs a cb just incase I get stuck on the trails....
  17. 1 point
    My YJ needs all the help it can get and some awesome lights would help tremendously!
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  19. 1 point
    Looking to replace the stock taillights on my TJ.
  20. 1 point

    CB install

    Also here is an easy way to run the wiring, it comes out just on top of the inner fender next to the battery.