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  1. Last week
  2. Mark

    New CB

    Good deal Joe...
  3. Alien

    S/S will have a winch!

    So my wife found a 10,000lb winch at a garage sale, and picked it up for $250 new... it sat in the guys garage for a couple months and paid $600 for it
  4. Earlier
  5. You just have to post a pic up to enter this is a drawing for people serving the US overseas...
  6. Robby Wise

    Contest Reflections of Jeeps

    Can you see the reflection of my blue Jeep on the body of the black one? Does this count? lol 😂
  7. Hello from Jacksonville Fl, Currently assigned to Patrol Squadron 45!
  8. Post a picture of your Jeep in a Reflection Only One Entry per household for a Free Set of Side mirror Foot pegs There will be a 1st place and 2nd Place Winner... Co Sponsored By Manufacturer https://www.kikbaxoffroad.com/jeep_jk_foot_pegs_wmirrors_07_18_jk_jk_unlimited_kikbax_offroad
  9. If you are currently Active Military Service Must have current unit assigned to. & Unable to upload a Mirror Reflection for the Contest... You may Post a comment here with a picture of your Jeep to enter this free Drawing to be held On Sept 30th at 8 PM CST Only Post Once in Contest and Drawing Threads. Co Sponsored By Manufacturer https://www.kikbaxoffroad.com/jeep_jk_foot_pegs_wmirrors_07_18_jk_jk_unlimited_kikbax_offroad
  10. Over a month and a half for a call back from dealership to let me know that the part came in... now to get the S/S back to the dealer I bought it from an hour away lol
  11. Joe Fisk

    New CB

    Updated my Cobra CB, due to rain damage. New Uniden CMX760 BEARCAT OFFROAD. rEMOTE IS ABOUT THE SIZE OF TWO CIGARETTE PACKS. $' extension for mic lets you mount it practally anywhere in Jeep. So far love it. Yes I had it tuned up, it is amazing. Using a stainless steel center load antenna.
  12. Joe Fisk

    Stubby bumper

    I am thinking of cutting my wide tube front bumper down to a stubby.
  13. Joe Fisk

    Black JK's

    You re absolutely right, it does look different in the sunshine
  14. Joe Fisk

    Bobbing my front bumper

    I am thinking about bobbing the ends on my front bumper. Just leaving the stinger, and adding side gussets maybe
  15. Joe Fisk

    Synthetic winch Line Upgrade

    So I got to use my new Synthetic winch line today. Okay, I might be a convert
  16. So I took S/S in for its first oil change... and they found a leaky (weeping) rear main seal... not bad enough to leak onto the driveway, but just enough to sweat on the bellhousing... on the plus side it’s covered by WARRENTY 👌🏻 I couldnt pass up this photo... seen the name of this business and just had to....
  17. Alien

    Sound systems...

    Louder is better lol id just like to have a bit of thump from the speakers instead of distortion from paper cones lol
  18. I still Laugh when I see this one...lol

  19. Joe Fisk

    Let's talk headlights.

    I noticed after a hard rain, one of my KC headlights got water in it. Not a happy camper at this point. Time to follow lead and go to LED Projectors
  20. Joe Fisk

    Seat belt problems

    I bit the bullet and ordered a new one. Safety first, even if they are just a passenger, lol
  21. Joe Fisk


    When deciding on a winch, remember that a winch is like a trailer, once your friends know you have it, they will want to use it.
  22. Joe Fisk

    Hill Start Assist

    I have been thinking along the idea of installing a line lock, like used on drag cars. But for now, I am pretty handy with the hand brake.
  23. Joe Fisk

    Synthetic winch Line Upgrade

    I know I am Old school and Old, but I finally replaced my steel cable on my Warn 10k. Due to my Partners and Kids fighting the steel cable while using it, I decided to go with Synthetic Line. I however didn't go with the Warn line for $400 but instead opted for the Astra 1/2 shielded 23500 x 92". It fit on the drum. Of course I cleaned the drum and the hause fair lead. The Warn didn't come with rollers so there is that. I will give a follow up after it is used a few times.
  24. Joe Fisk

    Anti roll....

    Guess it is time to recenter the steering wheel again. But at least I am getting good at it. lol
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